What We Believe

Mountain Top Progressives believes in working with existing groups, organizations and individuals who share our mission to maintain and improve the quality of life and economic well-being for all of us on the mountain top. We are unified in the belief that the greatest good for all comes when we learn how to work together with respect and inclusiveness.

We believe in common sense and fiscally responsible local governments that are sensitive to the needs of the mountain top residents and environment, including those who are most vulnerable.

We believe in taking an active role in local and regional political campaigns, working with candidates who support our platform and represent our values.

We believe in social activism and in the principle of community service.

We strongly support progressive principles and endorse the following platform:

  • Fiscal Responsibility in all Levels of Government
  • Protection of High Quality, Free Public Education for all levels
  • Rural Economic Development and Jobs Creation
  • Senior Services including Transportation and Affordable Housing
  • Protecting and Enhancing our Environment through Action
  • Access to Universal Quality Healthcare, as well as to Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs

If you share these values and would like to participate in our activities, please email mttopprogressivesny@gmail.com to be included in our mailing list.

The mission of Mountain Top Progressives is to support progressive issues and policies through education, advocacy and local action.  We actively pursue the goals of inclusion and respect in our community, and are unified in the belief in an America where all people are free to pursue a life with fairness and opportunity.  We will act locally for the betterment of our citizens and, in doing so, benefit the larger community, effecting real change in our country. We will pursue these goals without bias, in order to promote the universal values of peace, economic prosperity, environmental integrity, social equality and justice for all.

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