About Us

With deep roots in our beautiful mountain top community, MTP arose after the 2016 election; a few residents found each other to be sympathetic and empathetic to the fear, disappointment and/or anger that they felt. From this beginning, a community of like-minded people emerged. Now, 1 1/2 years later, MTP has a mailing list with more than 300 members representing all mountain top communities (and beyond), and we cooperate with many other like-minded groups in the Catskills, the Hudson Valley and western Massachusetts. We (typically) have monthly meetings (third Tuesday of the month) at Town Hall in Hensonville.


What We’ve Done:  To date, we have hosted several community forums; we’ve supported voter registration activities and have registered tons of new voters; we’ve participated with Indivisible on a Flip the 19 project; teams of volunteers have canvassed our neighbors to encourage voting in off-election years with NY19VOTES; and we will continue to sponsor relevant movie screenings (e.g. Gasland Part II).  Last August, we hosted a forum for the democratic candidates who are seeking to replace John Faso (NY-CD19, R).  We did a tremendous amount of outreach, and welcomed nearly 200 people to the Civic Center in Windham to ask questions and learn more about these candidates. After the awful hurricanes last fall, MTP collaborated with the towns of Hunter and Windham to collect humanitarian supplies that were trucked to SE Texas – more than 2000 pounds of life-saving supplies were delivered to senior homes in Houston. In November of 2017, we actively supported local progressive candidates with canvassing, making phone calls, sponsoring Meets & Greets, and placing lawn signs throughout the area. Fortunately some of our candidates prevailed! On Earth Day 2018, MTP hosted the first annual Earth Day Event at Rip Van Winkle Lake in Tannersville –20180422_151050volunteers hauled hundreds and hundreds of pounds of debris and trash out of the Sawmill and Gooseberry Creeks, learned about local environmental issues from partner organizations, listened to relevant music, planted seeds and created solar ovens. (Needless to say, a good time was had by all.) Our efforts to support a progressive candidate in the April 2018 special election yielded tremendous results; according to the Greene County’s Democratic Chair (Doreen Davis), “It looks like you outperformed in every election district v Republicans which is not consistent in the other towns and EDs.”  Most recently, we held a forum entitled “The Opioid Epidemic: Prevention and Recovery.” Approximately 100 people filed into Windham’s Center Church to watch a poignant movie, learn about local resources (and lack of, impressions, recovery stories, and more. After the forum, 24 people stayed to get trained in the use of Narcan (the antidote to an opioid overdose), and were given a kit to use in case needed.

It’s been a busy year and a half!

Moving Forward: Working through our Committees (Elections/Politics, Environment, Opioid Prevention and Recovery, The Greene County Jail Project, Senior Services, Transportation), our current projects include supporting Aidan O’Connor Jr. for State Assembly, Pat Strong for State Senate, progressive County Legislators (TBD), and the democratic candidate for the House of Representative (TBD). The Jail Committee is very active and will organize and mobilize until the end to ensure that Greene County’s tax dollars do not go to creating an oversized, under needed jail in Coxsackie. The Environment Group is taking on the minimizing plastic project and will expand after the 2018 elections. The Opioid Committee is addressing a number of needs, including youth services.

If you would like to participate in our meetings, committees or events, and/or have ideas for other events and actions, please email mttopprogressivesny@gmail.com. You may also use this email address to request inclusion on our mailing list.

In these times that often make us feel uncertain about the future, we firmly believe that we are on the cusp of the next great movement that will lead to greater equality on all levels. We invite you to join us; and we hope to see you at our next meeting!


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